What Car Mechanics Wont Tell You

A good car mechanic can help you keep your car always in tiptop shape. But not necessarily all car mechanics may offer you the kind of service that you wish. After all, not all car mechanics are alike. There might also be some things that they won’t tell you.

I may not be the best car mechanic for the job.

There are many instances that car mechanics won’t tell you if they are the right ones for the type of repair and maintenance that you are looking for. Different experiences for car mechanics may determine how well you may be satisfied with what you want done with your car. It is always good to know what type of car mechanic to approach for your car.

If your car is still under car warranty, it might be good to have your car repaired through the dealer. This will ensure that you get the type of service you need. But for those repairs that may not be covered under warranty, you might be under considerable expense since car services at the dealers usually are more expensive than at independent car shops. If you have to go to an independent car shop for repairs, make sure that the car mechanics there are properly certified to handle the type of work on your car, especially if it is a newer model.

If you have an older car that needs servicing, you might get better service at independent car shops. Most car mechanics at the dealer garage are mostly trained to do repairs and work on the most recent models. Car mechanics at independent car shops are usually more experienced at handling work for older models. This might help guide you the type of car mechanic to approach the next time you might need a visit.

We’ll do some unnecessary repairs on your car.

This is another statement that any car mechanic won’t tell you but may sometimes do when you send your car to them for repairs. A lot of car mechanics usually do this and has been a common complaint among car owners. It is sometimes important that car owners become more aware of what car mechanics need to do in order to avoid this.

You may want a second opinion on this

Car mechanics would always want to convince you that they are the right choice for the job on your car. This becomes more significant the more a certain procedure may cost. In this case, you may want to get a second opinion on another car shop even if the car mechanic you first approach won’t tell you this. After all, you might need to make sure that the right repairs are done for your car for the amount that you may need to spend for it.

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